5 Apps for the Lean Practitioner

5 Apps for the Lean Practitioner

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5 Apps for the Lean Practitioner


mindnode (Apps for the Lean Practitioner)

Mindnode is a useful app for brainstorming on the go.  I use this app because it allows me to brainstorm an issue on the go.  There have been many times shortly after a group discussion about a key process, a strategic initiative or an operational acute need that I’ve needed to jot down a few notes.  This app allows me to organize my thoughts visually so that I can see a comprehensive picture of the issue.


Trello (Apps for the Lean Practitioner)

Trello can be used for many different reasons.  Here is an article about one way I use Trello.  In addition to KanBan, I use Trello for note taking in meetings, capturing and expanding upon ideas that come up throughout the day and project planning.  The app easily integrates with gmail, evernote and several social media platforms.  There is also a team communication component useful for teamwork where team members can add notes in real time.

LeanMed (iPad Only)

LeanMed (Apps for the Lean Practitioner)

I stumbled upon this app while searching for a value stream mapping solution for my iPad.  I wanted something that I could take with me and help document team discussion around value stream mapping and process discussions.  LeanMed does a little more than just allow you to capture the value stream map.  I’ve used it during observations where I can build the map right there while I’m seeing the work happen.  I can record comments from stakeholders and track details about the process in sub-process maps.  Additionally, it has a timer feature that will allow me to capture the time it takes to complete individual process steps and calculate value-added, non-value added time and waste categories.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro (Apps for the Lean Practitioner)

This app is great for taking pictures of documents on the go and creating high resolution scanned PDFs.  I use it for capturing any notes that I may have taken in a meeting on the provided material.  This allows me to not have to stuff a packet of paper in a folder somewhere.  I have it all right there on my phone.  It easily integrates with Gmail, Google Drive, iCloud, Evernote, Dropbox, OneNote and OneDrive so that I can quickly get the content onto a computer if needed.


Pocket (Apps for the Lean Practitioner)

There have been many instances where a link will be forwarded to me for an article someone would like me to read.  Before I began using Pocket, what would happen is the following:  I’d open the link, scan the topic and let the person know I’d take a look at it later and I’d forget about it.  Pocket helps eliminate that issue.  I can easily save an article right from the “more” button at the bottom of my screen.  Pocket will save a copy of it for online or offline reading later.  It integrates with Evernote and email and I can tag articles for easy topic searching later.  This app helps me organize my designated reading time so that I can remain focused.