3 Lessons About Culture Every Organization Can Learn from The United Video

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The recent United video involving a man being dragged from a flight due to overbooking has been all the talk this week in the media.  The incident highlights a few key lessons about a company culture that every organization can heed. The general understanding of what happened is four customers were chosen at random on an overbooked […]

Obamacare Repeal

Obamacare Replacement Should NOT Immediately Follow Repeal

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There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about how repeal and replacement of Obamacare won’t be done right unless it’s simultaneously. I think they’re wrong. The rush to replace Obamacare could lead to avoidable mistakes.  Lawmakers must take the time to ensure that the replacement is a viable, long-term solution. It must […]

Burying Your Head in the Sand Doesn’t Work in Times of Change

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Burying your head in the sand does not work in times of change.  I’ve worked with many process improvement teams, and the most successful tackle change head on.  They make it a point to acknowledge the challenge ahead and proactively act to limit any negative impact. Here are three reasons why refusing to adapt proactively […]

trump healthcare

How President Elect Trump’s Healthcare Changes Will Create Disruption

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Healthcare is in need of a disruption.  I define disruption as any change within an industry that creates greater efficiency and value for the customer while designating existing methods obsolete.  The disruption then results in an advantage for those players that use it within their business operations. The healthcare industry desperately needs a disruption to […]

Lean Tool: Circle of Work Analysis to Identify Quantify Waste

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I define the lean tool known as a Circle of Work analysis as the observation of multiple workflows within a workplace all impacting a single value stream.  This is done for the purpose of capturing data about the amount of waste existing in a given set of processes.  The process for capturing the data is […]

The 8 Lean Wastes in Healthcare

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Below are some examples of how each of the 8 Lean wastes in healthcare may appear.  Reviewing this list will help you identify lean waste within your own workplace.  From personal experience, I can tell you that it is important to prepare your mindset when first conducting a lean waste walk. Prepare yourself to ask “why” […]

Lean in Healthcare: Improving a Housekeeping Operation

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Find this and other posts of mine at my blog covering lean application in healthcare.  (www.smartleanhealthcare.com) Healthcare is complex.  There are many pressures competing against any organization succeeding in providing a good patient experience; let alone a great one. In my time as a health system executive with oversight for a multi-facility housekeeping operation, I […]

Hut,Hut,Hike! 3 Takeaways from Football's Playbook About Standard Work

Hut,Hut,Hike! 3 Takeaways from Football’s Playbook About Standard Work

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Football.  That one word evokes many different thoughts and emotions…Anticipation. Excitement. Fall Saturday’s. Tailgating. Loyalty. Teamwork. Standard Work. Wait. What? Football teams use standard work in the form of the playbook. It details where everyone is positioned on the field and what their role is in each play. One of the key elements of any Lean Management System is Standard Work. […]